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Ritual Relaxation

Ritual Relaxation in Makawé Spa, Riviera Nayarit

Ritual Relaxation in Makawé Spa, Riviera Nayarit

Across the Sierra Madre Occidental, the mountain range in western Mexico, Huichol people begins a long pilgrimage. From Nayarit lands to the arid desert in San Luis Potosí, heading to a place which they call Wirikuta. It is a 248.55 miles crossing and it is also the way Huichol people have to recall the days when they used to be hunters and pickers.

   They are walking toward Cerro del Quemado to meet the Blue Deer. This is an action meant to honour their four principal deities: Corn, Eagle, Dear and Hikuri; all of them descendants of the Sun. One of the most important religious activities for Huichol People is Hikuri picking. It is at the same time the name of a diety and a sacred plant. In Nahuatl language it was called Peyotl, and it is known in Spanish as Peyote.

   In Huichol cosmogony, it is not the traveler who heads to Hikuri, but it is Hikuri itself the one that appears to the traveler and takes him to a two worlds frontier. When they find the Hikuri, Huichol pilgrims shoot their arrows to right and left to keep the spirits of evil away. Hikuri or Peyote is a small, round-shaped cactus without thorns and mainly formed by its big roots. It is a sacred plant worthy of the deepest respect.

   After a prayer, the ones who take part in ceremony are given four dried, bitter segments of root, which they chew and eat. This is the start of a trip to find the Blue Deer who, in the magnificence of desert will reveal itsefl to us and will show us the way back to our life. He will teach us and he will be our medicine.

   Known by its many healing powers, Hikuri is also the main ingredient of the Makawé Spa therapy that was named after this sacred plant. It is a massage that preserves the indigenous art and techniques. Makawé Spa’s Hikuri Therapy is meant to help you to get relaxed through the skilled hands of our therapists and its combination of Hikuri plant and diverse native flora.

   Just the way it happens with the enigmatic Huichol rituals, Makawé Spa tries to help the visitor to find him or herself once again through the expirience of Hikuri Therapy, also known as Huichol Flora.

   From the atmosphere of Makawé Spa to the touch of the balms used to revive the spirit, this ritual is a trip to get over our fears, clean up our souls and a return to innocence. It is the frontier between two worlds, it is the way to leave behind the ordinary, it is… a way to be renewed.

Makawé Spa, Matlali Hotel, Riviera Nayarit

Makawé Spa, Matlali Hotel, Riviera Nayarit



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