Makawé Spa

Huichol balm in Riviera Nayarit

Makawé Spa in Matlali Hotel, Riviera Nayarit

Makawé Spa in Matlali Hotel, Riviera Nayarit

According to an old legend, the first ancestors of Huichol people were born from the union of a man named Yuramek and the Lady of Land, the one who makes the earth bloom, goddess Nakawé. She had decided to save Yuramek from the flood she was about to cover the whole earth with.

“Take a strong, rigid tree log and turn it into a box of your own size, put a fortified lid on it and go into the box; make sure to take with you five corn grains of every color there is as well as five seeds of beans of every color there is. Take with you fire and five pumpkin branches to feed it, and take with you a female tan dog.” Those were the words Nakawé spoke to Yuramek, who did all the things that Nakawé had commanded him.

Once the seas and canyons had been created by the flood and the peaks of macaws and parrots. Nakawé, possessor of stars and water, tied her life to Yuramek to settle their offspring all over the earth. And that was the origin of Huichol people and its colorful traditions.

In honour of the mother goddess and inspired by the genesis of this culture, in the very heart of Riviera Nayarit, the spa in Matlali Hotel was named Makawé. Huichol people is one of the oldest and still least modified cultures when it comes to traditions, customs and identity.

Makawé Spa in Hotel Matlali has named its therapies after the symbols and deities of Huichol and other Pre Hispanic civilizations. For instance, you can enjoy the Makawé Spa famous Iztli (nahuatl) which means The power of the Earth in the body and consists of hot stones that help muscles to get relaxed. Certainly one of the Matlali Hotel customers favorite services in Makawé Spa.

Because keeping in touch with the wisdom of the past may bring us calm and inner peace, what could be better than taking a rest with all the confort we can have nowadays, enveloped in a balm of tradition and ancestral cosmogony.


Makawé Spa in Matlali Hotel, Riviera Nayarit

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