Riviera Nayarit

Seduction in Blue: Marieta Islands’ Blue-footed Boobies


Blue-footed Booby in Riviera Nayarit.

There you are, sailing on a small boat in the middle of the Mexican Pacific Ocean. The intriguing image of these enigmatic islands rises before your eyes. It is their indiscreet beauty and the promise of their hidden treasures jealously guarded that got you here, like one of all those waves that crash against the rocks. You have finally arrived, from now on you are in the Marieta Islands. It is one of the Matlali Hotel guests favorite tours.

The tour guide invites you to dive into the ocean and swim through a tunnel that will lead you to the promised land. On your way to this new dimension the colorful fish that swim along with you are a dazzling living wonder. Can magic be touched? Once you have gone through this amazing tunnel you are finanlly there, in Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach), the one tha every single person in Riviera Nayarit told you: you just could not miss.

The Riviera Nayarit landscape won’t stop surprising you. You are in the middle of such and impressive rock formation, the crystal clear waters bathe your feet on the golden sand. Surrounded by these rocky walls the outside world is no more. Now it seems so easy to dream about coral reefs, dolphins, sea turtles, giant manta rays and humpback whales…

Did you just see that blue-footed bird with its large, sharp peak; wide dark wings and sharp-pointed tail? This bird is commonly known as the Blue-footed Booby. Although this name only disguises its great flying and fishing skills. For fishing, the blue-footed booby raises up to an average height and plunges rapidly into the water to cath its prey, many feet under the water. No other species in Riviera Nayarit is as admired as the blue-footed booby.

It is because of these birds that in Marieta Islands blue is the color of seduction. Among the blue-footed boobies, the one with the bluest legs is the most appealing. When it comes to courting, blue-footed boobies show off their legs with long strides. Keep your eyes wide-opened while visiting Marieta Islands. They are one of the very few places in the whole world where this bird can be seen. Blue-footed boobies inhabit in Central and South America only.

This trip has been a sensual feast. You can hardly believe that such an amazing place is just a hint of all the wonders waiting for you in Riviera Nayarit. You pinch yourself… No! You are not dreaming, there are still so much more to see . Marieta Islands are very near from Matlali Hotel. You can hire a tour and after your

unforgettable day in Playa Escondida, go and relax in Makawé Spa. When night comes you will discover another shade of blue: the seductor blue of Bahía de Banderas nights.

Matlali Hotel, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Riviera Nayarit

Matlali Hotel, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Riviera Nayarit



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